Unfortunately for victims of domestic abuse, the national lockdown declared by our president Cyril Ramaphosa leaves these victims in a state of entrapment with their abusers. With our everyday movements being under the watchful eyes of SANDF and SAPS members these victims have little to no option to seek refuge in places of safety.


Taking into account this stark unintended reality, the regulations specifically promulgated to deal with the COVID 19 crisis declares the operations of the Domestic Violence Courts as essential services thus these courts remain in full operation. The government has further implemented several contact centres whereby victims can seek the necessary assistance.


We encourage victims or people who know of someone who might be, to contact the numbers which are listed below. Seek relief in the form of a protection order which can be obtained via the Domestic Violence Courts closest to the area of the victim.  It will be useful to take photographs as evidence of the abuse and to keep a log of the threats and actions taken by the abuser.


It is important to continually seek counselling and legal assistance where necessary.


Gender Based Violence Command Centre
Call 0800 428 428
Send a “Please Call Me” by dialing *120*7867#
SMS ‘help’ to 31531
‘Helpme GBV’ via skype



LifeLine’s Domestic Violence helpline

Call 0800 150 150


National Shelter Movement of SA

Eastern Cape: Chrislynn Moonieyan/Masimanyane shelter,

081 247 6056,

Free State: Sarah Lekale, 072 144 7171

Gauteng: Rudo Muhasa, 083 684 7737/

KwaZulu-Natal: Sabera Timol, 072 446 3337

Mpumalanga: Fisani Mahlangu, 079 310 9633

North West: Rina van der Berg, 072 348 6526

Northern Cape: Clair Adriaanse/Rose Bailey, 080 021 2321

or 073 888 8738

Western Cape: Bernadine Bachar, 082 903 8739 or

Joy Lange on 071 906 3949

General information: Zubeda Dangor, 083 289 9818



Should you require our assistance or require further information you can reach us on



CELL: 0711961335