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Road Accident Fund Claims

The Road Accident Fund seeks to compensate victims who suffered loss / damage as a result of bodily injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. It further allows dependants of breadwinners to claim for loss of support in the event of death arising from a motor vehicle collision. The only proviso regarding negligence is that the injured/deceased must not be the sole cause of the collision.

Liquor Licencing

It is illegal to sell alcohol without a valid liquor licence.  In order to trade legally one must apply for the relevant liquor licence applicable to the type of activity being conducted.

Medical Negligence

In certain circumstances, mistakes are sometimes made in the administration of treatment to patients that have adverse consequences. When this happens one may bring a claim for compensation.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the area of law that relates to crime. Crimes such as rape, murder,fraud amongst others.

Family Law

Family law or matrimonial law includes family matters and domestic relationships such as marriage and civil unions, divorce, custody of minors, maintenance, domestic violence and so on.

General Litigation

Litigation refers to a broad range of activities involving dispute resolution and the court processes.